Couple Plans to Ride Out Storm in Galveston Home

9-22-05 - Jennifer McDonald hears hurricane warnings every summer. She knows about the deadly consequences predicted for those who stay.

But every year it's the same thing: a bunch of news reporters standing at this island city's sea wall - and no storm.

"I don't see a direct hit," McDonald said Wednesday as she stood in front of her boarded up home several blocks from the water.

She said she and her husband, Dominic, aren't going to leave their home despite approaching Hurricane Rita, a massive, Category 5 hurricane that's expected to hit somewhere along the Texas coast by Saturday.

They have enough food and water to last 10 days in their wooden house. They've made plans to hack through their rented home's floors to make the house more stable should the storm cause intense flooding. And if all else fails, Jennifer McDonald said with a wry smile, the couple will take to the roof.