Victim's Co-workers Help Investigators

7-26-05 - Medical investigators have identified the body of a woman that was found burning last Friday outside a Muenster business. 56-year-old Deborah Houchin was a physical therapist in Arlington and had been missing since last week.

Investigators used dental records to identify the woman, who was an employee at Cook Children's Hospital. Her co-workers recognized two pieces of jewelry that authorities showed to the media over the weekend. That led investigators to her home and then dental records that confirmed the body found was her.

An employee of Wimmers Diesel Service found Houchin's body on fire several yards from the back of the garage along highway 82 early Friday morning.

Cooke County Sheriff Mike Compton said the body was covered in tarp and oil.

Houchin was divorced and lived alone. Investigators say the inside of the house looks as if a struggle took place.