Video Game Surprise Angers Parents

7-27-05 - Local stores are restricting sales of an infamous but popular video game after kids have discovered how to unlock a sex scene inside the game. Oklahoma lawmakers are hoping to do the same.

On Friday, Hastings in Ardmore received an e-mail telling them to bump up age restrictions on the game Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas. It's the biggest selling video game of all time and the first to get the adult rating.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board says there is a pornographic video within the game that kids can unlock with a certain code. A state representative will introduce legislation during the next session to restrict sales of games like that to adults only.

When it comes to violence, at least 50 police officers can be killed within the first minute of playing. And to win, you're scored on how many prostitutes you can get or the kind of weapons you own.

Grand Theft Auto is just the first on a list of many adult worthy video games. Hastings says they ID everyone who buys adult or mature rated video, but many parents are buying it for their kids.