New Orleans Nightmare; Levee Fails

9-23-05 - The Army Corps of Engineers is setting out to try to patch the holes in a New Orleans levee. The breach has been allowing water to pour into a low-lying New Orleans neighborhood that had been flooded and then drained following Hurricane Katrina.

Dozens of blocks of the city's Ninth Ward are once again under water, as the levee couldn't withstand the additional rain from Hurricane Rita.

Trucks full of gravel, dirt and boulders are on the scene, along with an earth-mover, to help crews shore-up the break in the dike.

A spokesman for the Corps says the water doesn't appear to be
rising anymore.

There's no sign that any other areas of New Orleans are in
danger. Officials with the Army Corps of Engineers say other levees
appear to be secure, including those that were breached during