Parents Attempt to Rescue School

9-28-05 - Around 95 students from Kindergarten to eighth grade walk the halls of Mannsville School everyday. But this year, without some financial help, they may be sent to neighboring districts.

Tamatha Mills graduated in 1985, and now she hopes her kids will get to do the same.

"The smaller classrooms is so important to your children and the one thing they need," Mills said.

Due to extra expenses last year, like upgrading unsafe areas and losing some state aid for low enrollment, the school found itself starting the year with only two percent of what they needed.

So they had to cut $60,000 out of their budget to start school, but that still isn't enough to keep it open.

"There is a lot value in a small school," Mannsville Superintendent Jack Parker said. "The problem we have is we just can't afford to just have six kids in a classroom."

So to raise the money the booster club and the community started fund raisers like the Save Our Schools Challenge. They are asking any alumni or business out in the community to donate $250.

So far they have raised $3,000, but their goal is $10,000. That's why this Saturday they are going to sell meals at TNT Warehouse, and they also plan to have a yard sale, carnival and a haunted house.

This town fears if the school goes, then the town will die right along with it.

"Without it the city will probably dry up and blow away," Mannsville General Store manager Patrick Clark said.

Besides these fundraisers, some of the staff at the school have already taken voluntary pay cuts to help cut costs, and some of those employees only made around $10,000 a year to begin with.

The school will have to borrow money from a bank to make payroll until December. That's when they will receive their tax distribution money from the state.

If you would like to donate, call Mannsville School at 580-371-2892.