Reich Appears Calm as Jury Selected

08-02-05 - Almost a year after an ECU football player was killed and another man was paralyzed. The man accused of the crime went on trial for murder and assault.

Jury selection began on Tuesday in ADA for the murder case against Ammon Reich.

Emotions are high on both sides of the courtroom today as the parents of Joseph Tusan came face to face with the man they believe killed their son.

Reich walked calmly into the Pontotoc County courthouse surrounded by family and friends as attorneys started picking the jury who will decide his fate.

Metal detectors were set up in the courthouse for the trial. Prosecutors say the incident came after a racially charged confrontation between a group of students from east central and another group that included Reich.

Eddie and Donna Sweet's teenage son was in the bed of the pickup when it was rammed from behind, along with his good friend Joseph Tusan who was killed.

As their son prepares to testify, the sweets say they've already made peace with what happened.

Mr. Reich is charged with one count of murder and more than thirty counts of aggravated assault. He’ll remain out on bond throughout the trial which prosecutors tell us today will likely be over by the end of the week.