Toddler's Face Inspires

8-2-05 - A Marietta toddler survived a bout with leukemia recently, but his survival story is now displayed for thousands of drivers on I-35 to see. The face of three-year-old Tyler Kiser adorns a billboard in Lewisville for Cook Children's Hospital.

Once a week, Tyler makes the one-hour trip to Lewisville for chemotherapy where nurses call him a little pistol. And if you ever meet him, you would quickly realize why they chose Tyler to be the face of their billboard. The billboard for The Cook Children's Specialty Clinic is located on I-35 and Frankford in Lewisville.

Nurses admit Tyler is just adorable, but they also call him a brave little boy. While the disease is now in remission, Tyler has always been full of energy and remained strong, which makes his father proud.

Nurses say since Tyler’s from a small town that doesn't have a facility for chemo, it makes him the perfect patient for the billboard because he can benefit from this outpatient clinic. Tyler will continue his chemo treatments for the next year and a half.