Drug Testing Is Likely in Madill's Future

10-6-05 - A Madill cop arrested back in July for buying drugs while on duty is still waiting for his preliminary hearing to be set.

But while he waits the Madill City Council is trying to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Councilman Lloyd Eppler added a vote for a new drug testing policy to next Tuesday’s council meeting agenda.

He says if Madill had been testing city employees the officer may have stayed off drugs.

The city actually adopted a drug testing policy a few years ago but never voted to enforce it.

If the issue passes now it will cost the city around $2,000 to implement, and residents say it will be money well spent.

“I think it's good for Madill and residents, I think all places should do drug testing and get the drugs out,” says Madill resident Eli Posey.

If Eppler's policy is adopted any employee that operates a city vehicle or is in a safety sensitive position will be drug tested randomly.

The test will be done through an independent company out of Oklahoma City.