ACLU Sues Over Haskell County Ten Commandments Display

10-7-05 - The Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against Haskell County, demanding that a Ten Commandments monument be removed from the courthouse grounds in Stigler.

Haskell County commissioners had no immediate comment on the lawsuit.

It alleges the display violates constitutional protections against government endorsement of religion and entanglement of government with religion.

The ACLU brought the complaint on behalf of Jim Green, a retired veteran and a longtime resident of Haskell County. He objects to the monument because he believes the display violates the US Constitution and trivializes religion.

The 8-foot, 25-hundred-dollar monument was funded by efforts of Stigler-area residents and church members. It was erected last November after approval from the Haskell County Commission.