Ardmore Police May Have Stopped Burglary

8-3-05 - Ardmore Police may have stopped a convenience store burglary before it happened early Wednesday morning.

When Ardmore police found the suspects, they say their car was loaded up with a crowbar, sledgehammer and other tools.

The police say it was clear they were up to no good.

Police arrested Anthony Phifer and Brant Thomas, both from Dallas, just after 5 a.m. Wednesday morning on West Broadway. Patrol officers say they heard a car alarm going off.

When police checked out the convenience store next door, they found all the cable and phone wires had already been cut.

Police apprehended one suspect who has hiding in the bushes behind the Conoco Travel Shop. They found the other at a Comfort Inn.

"When they made contact with him at the Comfort Inn, he was sweating profusely, he had stick tites all over himself," Lt. Eric Hamblin of the Ardmore Police Department said. "It was obvious he had been running through the woods and they confronted him and at the time he said yes he had been running through."

Although the method was almost the same, police say it is not connected to the burglary at the Bingo Convenience Store just down the road.

Police say they can connect the suspects to three burglaries south of Dallas and possibly others in southern Oklahoma.

Police also have another suspect in the case who they believe fled back to Dallas. They are hoping to interview him tomorrow.