Sherman FD Investigates Employees

Two members of the Sherman Fire Department are under investigation.

It started in late August when a complaint was filed with the Fire Department. In that complaint, two firefighters were accused of violating procedure. One is on paid administrative leave; the other is not.

The details of the alleged incident have not been released, but we're told it involves a question of procedure and is classified as a personnel matter.

An initial investigation of both firefighters was launched at least two weeks ago, but since then there has been a second investigation. The details have not been released; however, we do know one firefighter was put on paid administrative leave late last week.

The investigations are being led internally with some assistance from the Sherman Police Department. The investigations do not involve criminal activity.

Ralph Hendricks, Sherman Fire Chief, said, "The Police Department is providing some expertise, and that they have people that are well-trained in this, so that they could give us some advice and guidance in how to follow civil service guidelines."

Sherman Fire Chief Ralph Hendricks says both investigations should be completed by the end of the week. If it is determined that the complaints are sustained, the chief would decide what disciplinary action would be taken.

In this case the action could vary from something as simple as a reprimand to indefinite suspension.

Another Sherman firefighter is on paid leave after findings during a competency hearing on September 30. According to the Sherman fire chief, that action is not directly related to the two other internal investigations already underway.