Anonymous E-mail Could Solve Murder

8-4-05 - Cooke County authorities are asking the author of an anonymous e-mail to come forward and help then solve a murder mystery from 15 years ago. It concerns the disappearance and murder of Randal Pardue.

In December of 2003, a tip lead authorities to a backyard on County Road 1-63 just east of Gainesville where they found the human remains of Pardue. The Gainesville man had been missing for thirteen years.

Just days after that discovery, KXII received an anonymous e-mail detailing the murder and who did it. But it wasn't until today that authorities gave us permission to release it.

Cooke County Sheriff Mike Compton says whoever wrote this letter knows exactly what happened the day Pardue was killed. The anonymous person also knows who pulled the trigger.

The letter reads, "They called him over there for one reason. That reason was to kill him."

Investigators went to the house where the letter said the murder took place, and they found evidence that proved the letter is legit. And the tip by a now-deceased person of where they could find Pardue's body wasn't enough for a grand jury to indict the suspects pointed out in the letter.

The only way Pardue will ever get justice is for the secret writer of this letter to unveil his or her identity. But it's a big step for the person who wrote, "They would have me killed if they knew I was talking to you."

This letter discredits the story authorities once believed about Pardue being last seen getting into a white car with a woman who wasn't his wife at the McDonalds in Gainesville back on April 3, 1990.

If you have any information on Pardue's murder or think you know who wrote the letter, please contact the Cooke County Sheriff's Office at 940-665-3471.