Hospital-Bound Children's Book

10-11-05 – For parents with a critically ill child, it can be difficult to talk about the disease, but a Calera mother and daughter wrote a book to make those conversations easier for all.

Kelly Tucker’s youngest daughter Skyler has a rare blood disease called Immune Thrombocytopenic Pupura, similar to hemophilia. Every three weeks, seven-year-old Skyler goes to Medical City in Dallas for blood treatments, making her very familiar with hospital procedures. Inspired by her daughter’s courage, Kelly wrote I’m Not Afraid of Needles, a story for young children detailing what to expect on a trip to the hospital, from blood work, to taking blood pressure.

“You find yourself at a loss for words and then to have to turn around and tell your child what's going on is difficult. The book takes the fear out of the unknown. It tells what to expect, what goes on in the hospital, but in a way that a child can understand,” says Kelly Tucker.

In only two months, Texas and Oklahoma hospitals gave hundreds of copies of I’m Not Afraid of Needles to their young patients.

“I want to help people because, if they're sick, I just want to help them,” says Skyler cheerfully.

Kids Talk Magazine publishes the book. Single copies are $4.99 and can be ordered through Kelly Tucker is also working on two more books. One is called No Weeds in Heaven, for children diagnosed with cancer.