Waterline Break in Ardmore

88-18-05 - A waterline breaks in Ardmore. Public utilities officials say it's a usual occurrence. But a break today in one of the city's busiest areas shuts down at least a dozen businesses.

Water still fills the streets on Broadway and Commerce. Residents and business owners are just getting their water back.

Earlier today, it was the site of a waterline break that buckled a roadway and affected dozens of people. It happened around 10 a.m. One of the city's 12-inch main lines blew out, buckling the street above it.

Main Street from K to Bueller was blocked off. About 50 homes lost water. Dozens of business had to stop what they were doing, including dry cleaners, flower shops, and hair salons.

City officials say it's the clay in the ground that caused the pipe to burst, something caused by dry weather and this week's downpours.

Officials say many of the pipes under the streets are as old as 50 years. The cast iron breaks from too much pressure, but they're hoping to replace the faulty infrastructure in two years.

Water was off for about five hours today and was restored to everyone by 3 p.m. Some folks are still waiting for water pressure to come back up, though. Utilities officials say that line is one of the city's main water distributors.