Shocking Discovery in Marshall County

08-19-05 - A police raid in Kingston this morning. Authorities were looking for drugs but instead found a working meth lab and a bomb. Police arrested 47-year-old Thomas William Jones from that home. He's in The Marshall County Jail tonight charged with several felonies. But neighbors are stunned Jones was keeping that many explosives so close to their families.

For this Kingston neighborhood full of families and children, living next door to a meth lab and bomb they say is shocking, frightening, and an unforgivable crime.

Kingston police raided Thomas Jones' home off Gaye Road around two-thirty this morning. The front and back doors were barricaded so they had to smash windows to get in. When they finally did enter the house, they found this working meth-lab and a bomb in a junk drawer in Jones' bedroom. A bomb squad detonated it earlier this afternoon in a field.

Police say the bomb was a M116 A2 grenade simulator used by the military. Authorities still aren't sure how Jones was able to get a hold of it.

No children were found inside Thomas Jones’ home when he was arrested this morning. But since there were many kid items inside DHS has been called in to investigate.

Police also say Thomas Jones was using hydro phosphoric acid to make his meth. It's highly explosive and dangerous.

Jones will be arraigned in Marshall County on Monday.