Band Rocks Out of Texoma

8-22-05 – A Dallas-based rock band is about to take off up the charts, and three of their members hail from right here in Texoma.

Five guys in their early twenties from Sherman and Dallas make up the band Barefoot. Critics describe their sound as a cross between Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Third-Eye Blind. Barefoot came together two years ago. What might make them more than just a one-hit wonder chasing the spotlight: a record deal with Geffin Records, and Joe Simpson, father of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, as a manager.

“We're having a blast,” says Clay Jones, lead guitar and vocals for Barefoot, on a cross-country promotion of their new single, “Rain.”

The group says their small-town roots help them stay grounded. Clay Jones, Matt Fellenbaum, Jason Dering, Chris Munselle and Chris Pearson make up the band. Clay, Matt, and Jason all graduated from Sherman High School. Clay and Jason used to play in the worship band at Sherman Bible Church.

“We keep each other accountable, so the music industry is not going to our heads,” says Clay.

Those who know the guys agree:

“They are awesome, humble, kind, talented, real guys,” says Laura Parker, a family friend of the band.

The five friends decided to go out to Los Angeles to play, and were discovered in a café. Immediately after, recording labels pursued the quintet. They just finished recording an album in Sweden over the summer, which will be released late this fall.

“It's been mind-blowing, because we're used to bands being together for ten years before they were discovered,” Matt Fellenbaum, who plays base guitar player, says of their whirlwind success.

You can check out Barefoot and hear their new single on the web at: