KXII Viewer Tip Leads to Escapee Capture

8-22-05 - A KXII viewer alerted authorities to the presence of two dangerous escapees in Johnston County Saturday night. Two days later the Sheriff says a jailer's mistake led to the short-lived escape.

Anytime a jailer needs to get to one part of the jail to another they have to go through at least two doors, all controlled by a press of a button in a different room. The sheriff says a new jailer got confused and allowed that exit door to open.

Demitrius Taylor, in jail for murder, and murder suspect Jerry McKinney heard the clicks and left the building unnoticed until an hour later. Since the escape, all jail inmates have been placed on lock down, which means no one can leave their cell at anytime. And the sheriff says he doesn't know when they'll take the extra security off. The sheriff also says the jailer who accidentally opened up this door as of right now is still on staff.

It was actually a convenience store owner in Reagan, just ten miles from Tishomingo, that helped with the capture of the inmates. The men stopped to buy gas at the store, and the owner recognized them from news break-ins here on Channel 12. He called authorities, who caught up with the escapees a short time later near Sulphur.