Grayson Auction To Offset Gas Prices

8-23-05 - Relentless gas prices hurt us at the pump, but the effects spread into local government as well. Grayson County commissioners will host an auction Thursday, hoping it will pad the fuel budget for next year.

Commissioners are already planning on an extra $30,000 for gas money in the 2006 fiscal year budget. That means $100,000 for fuel, out of the $40 million budget. One of the main fuel costs the county incurs is transportation of rock down from Oklahoma for road construction.

"The fuel prices are killing us in the county, and anything we can do to bring money in will curtail it, and help us out," says David Whitlock, Commissioner for Precinct 2.

On Thursday the commissioners will hold a surplus auction to get rid of old equipment outgrown by various offices around the county. Everything from dump trucks, to lawn mowers, to law books will be up for public bid, as well as over 30 pieces of real estate. With gas prices cutting into the budget, commissioners say it couldn't be timelier.

"We did an auction two years ago and we had a lot of success from that," says Whitlock. "A lot of people came out and we hope a lot of people will come out for this one."

Doors open for the Grayson County Surplus Auction at 9 a.m. Thursday, August 25. The auction will be held at 4114 Airport Drive.