Authorities Crack Down on Sign Stealing

8-23-05 - Some consider stealing street signs a practical joke, but authorities in Bryan County are hoping the consequences will make people think twice before stealing them again.

Thanks to a tip from a confidential informant, state troopers recovered more than thirty signs being used a decoration for a house in Calera. A group of friends ages 18 to 21 stole signs that contained their names.

Authorities say teenagers don't understand that the absence of these street signs make it harder for first responders to find emergencies.

"its a delayed response," State Trooper Ronnie Hampton said. "If its a fire, your house will burn, if its an ambulance, you may die, if its the police you may become the victim of a crime."

Authorities are still interviewing some witnesses, but they say at least a handful of people will face charges. Those involved told authorities that they stole the signs because they were bored.