Military Interrogator Sentenced Tuesday

8-24-05 - A military intelligence interrogator was sentenced Tuesday to two months in prison for abusing an Afghan detainee who later died.

Spc. Glendale C. Walls II pleaded guilty earlier Tuesday to dereliction of duty and assault. Besides the prison sentence, Walls was reduced in rank and pay and will receive a bad-conduct discharge.

Walls admitted that he stood by as former Sgt. Selena M. Salcedo lifted a detainee known as Dilawar by his ear and as former Spc. Joshua R. Claus made another detainee roll around on the floor and kiss Walls' boots. Walls also admitted to pushing Dilawar against a wall during the interrogation in which Salcedo abused him.

Walls apologized for not stopping the other soldiers from abusing the detainees and for assaulting Dilawar.

"I'm sorry because I had a right to protect him (Dilawar) ... and it was my duty to stop it and by not doing so I've embarrassed my unit, I've embarrassed the Army," Walls said in a soft voice as he rocked back and forth in his chair. "It was humiliating. It was just wrong. I should have stopped it."