Teen Killed in Cooke County Wreck

08-24-05 - A Callisburg student was killed this morning as he drove to school. 17-year-old Taylor Adams was driving his brother from Lake Kiowa to Callisburg when he crossed the highway in front of an on-coming semi-truck.

12-year-old Jake Adams is in serious condition at Parkland Hospital. The accident happened just after 7:30 Wednesday morning where highway 678 meets 82.

The 18-wheeler slammed into the driver’s side and pulled the car underneath. The brothers were pinned inside. The truck driver immediately jumped out to help the kids, but first responders had to use the Jaws of Life to pull the kids out.

The accident left school officials shaken. The kids in this tight-knit community have only been back to class for two weeks. Many here knew the boys personally.

As for the semi-truck driver, he was not injured. Troopers say he did all he could to try and help the boys, but there was no way he could have stopped in time to avoid the crash.