Collapse at Concrete Plant Injures Two

8-25-05 - Business as usual became anything but when tons of metal and dust came crashing down into an office and onto unsuspecting workers.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and quickly taped off the area. The concern was that the other, larger silo could come down at any moment.

If any good news can come out of a day like today, it is this. Most workers here begin their day before dawn, so by the time the silo gave way, virtually all of the employees were safe at home.

Two of the three men inside were hurt, but their injures are minor. Redi-Mix produces concrete for contractors in north Texas. On any given day, the Sherman plant moves several tons of concrete. Today's collapse is a major blow. Clean up and repairs will total a quarter of a million dollars.

Sherman firefighters say the people inside did everything right. They stayed calmed, helped each other get out, and called for help.

Redi-Mix engineers say they still don't know why the silo collapsed, but they hope to have the clean up and repairs completed within two weeks. All of the employees will still report to work at other locations in Gainesville, Celina, and Frisco.