Documents Trashed - Residents Angry

8-26-05 - Tenants at a Durant apartment complex want to know why documents with their personal information and ID numbers were tossed in public dumpsters. The information could easily lead to identity theft.

On Wednesday and Thursday, residents at the Crescent Creek Apartments in Durant found bags containing social security numbers and other personal information, bags that managers admit they threw away.

The documents go back several years from the 90s to early 2000. We were shown file folders with names, birthdays and former addresses. The documents were not shredded and there was no effort to cover up sensitive information.

A former maintenance worker told us the apartment complex owner ordered employees to gather the files, place them in trash bags, and throw them into dumpsters on the complex's property.

We spoke with a manager at the complex who says employees just followed orders handed down by the owner. We checked with local and federal officials and they say the apartment complex did not break the law. They are not required to shred documents with sensitive information.

According to the law, it is illegal to throw away documents that might conceal a crime. Otherwise, there is no other protection from this kind of dumping.