Cycling in the Fight Against Cancer

8-25-05 - A cyclist finished a 3,000 mile journey around Texas as he cruised into Gainesville this afternoon. Buddy Boren is a cancer survivor, and at 61-year-old, he rides to remind others of the deadly disease.

After five hours on highway 82 today, riding from Bonham to Gainesville, Buddy Boren coasted down the final stretch, weaving his way through traffic into the very same parking lot he pulled out of on July 4.

He’s grateful because this is the second time in five years the 61-year old cancer survivor has completed the trip he calls Tour de Texas, cycling over 3,000 miles around the border of Texas.

Averaging about six hours on his seat a day, there's nothing a little duct tape didn't fix along the way except for the 115-degree heat index he endured, the aches and pains, and the eight flat tires.

But nothing put the brakes on this determined cyclist. He kept his eyes on the prize. And while his main message is for those battling cancer, the miles he put on over the last month and a half were also for another group of survivors.

Boren says this is his final Tour de Texas. Now it's on to finding a less physical route to make a difference. Boren beat his time back in 2000 by two days.