Local Refinery Expanding

The town of Wynnewood is about to get an economic boost. The main refinery in town now plans to expand.

The Wynnewood refining company plans to expand this refinery by 30 percent by 2007 to refine more crude oil into gasoline. It’s good news for drivers and the town of Wynnewood.

Right now this plant refines 55,000 barrels a day, but when the expansion is complete they'll handle 77,000.

The refinery hopes this will help with the domestic gasoline shortage the country is facing right now and lower gas prices in Oklahoma, but as it helps folks at the pump it will also bring thousands of dollars into this town.

The company isn't sure right now how many jobs it will create, but the construction will bring more people to eat, sleep and shop in the small community.

Cletues Dickson, Chamber of Commerce manager, says, "Anytime there is an expansion it's got to be good the refinery is good for Wynnewood, and were happy and were proud.”

The company plans to start construction on the expansion within the existing refinery by the spring.

The company also plans to put in a new hydrosulfurization unit. It will make the oil more clean for the environment.