Church Shootings- Widow Looks Back

10-20-05 - Four people were gunned down in a shooting rampage in Sash, Texas this summer, including the pastor of the Assemby of God Church. Pastor Armstrong's widow is now sharing the message of her husband's last sermon.

Diane Armstrong says the night her husband died, he preached a sermon about letting go and turning your life over to God. She says that message has helped her get through losing James. Diane says she knows James would want her to get on with her life.

Diane still remembers the fear she felt when Fred Cranshaw came to the parking lot of the Sash Church and started shooting. She didn't realize her husband was one of the victims until much later. Diane hid under the steps of their trailer home and waited for Cranshaw to drive away.

James Arstrong had been working for his minister's certificate with the Assembly of God Churches and had passed all of his tests shortly before he died. Diane did not receive his certificate until several weeks after his death.

Deacon Wesley Brown, Ceri Litterio, and Holly Brown were also killed by Cranshaw the night of August 28th. Several hours later, he took his own life.

The Armstrongs would have celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary this coming Christmas Day.