Army Reservist Accused of Hitting Detainee

9-6-05 - An Army reservist accused of hitting a detainee who later died in Afghanistan claims his is a case of mistaken identity.

Sgt. Christopher W. Greatorex is scheduled to stand trial Tuesday on charges that he abused a detainee known as Habibullah and then lied about it.

An Army lawyer for Greatorex argued in a pretrial hearing that another soldier was the guilty party.

Greatorex, a reservist with the 377th Military Police Company in Ohio, is often confused with the other soldier, his lawyer has said.

Greatorex is one of nine soldiers who have been charged in the abuse cases. At issue in many of those cases has been the use of the knee strikes, known as a common peroneal strike, Greatorex was accused of using against Habibullah.