15th Annual Candlelight Vigil in Ardmore

10-21-05 - It was a time a remembrance and hope at an emotional candlelight vigil in Ardmore Thursday night. They came together with hands clasped together in prayer or clinging to a tiny candle.

Some were reflecting and some remembering at the 15th annual Candlelight Vigil put on by the Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma.

As the sunlight dimmed and the candles began to glow, Yolanda Gay hoped that her sharing her personal story of abuse would make a difference.

"I think we need to make people aware, so they will speak up," Gay said.

"I think it helps give some victims a sense of closure," Shelter Director Jessie Nance said. "A sense of peace that they're not the only ones out there suffering."

With candles in hand, they walked past a display of victims who died because they didn't get out in time. A message that coincides with Domestic Violence Awareness month.