Heating Fire Destroys Dickson Home

10-21-05 - A Dickson home was destroyed Thursday by a fire that firefighters say was caused by an electric blanket.

"I'm feeling very, very sad for her because she'll have to come live with us or some of her other kids or something," the homeowner's son Chris Tibbs said.

The smell of smoke woke Diana Tibbs Thursday morning, and she quickly searched her home to find a bed in another room engulfed in flames.

Before she could grab an extinguisher, smoke took over the entire house. It took firefighters over two hours to put it out, and the home was a total loss.

Cooler weather often brings heating-related fires. Firefighters say turn appliances' automatic timers off, keep electric heaters at least three feet away from combustibles, and turn off electric blankets.

The scary surprise is that In the Tubbs case, the blanket was turned off, and it was purchased only one week before the fire.

Now basic fire prevention may not be enough.

"You know if there's a problem from there back to the wall, you can still have a short," Dickson Volunteer Fire Department Chief Troy Duke said.

Firefighters say you have to unplug your appliances, check for frays in cords, and have an electrician okay your outlet sockets.

They hope their first heating appliance fire of the season is their last.