Accused Soldier Begins Trial Over Detainee Abuse

9-8-05 - A day after one Ohio reservist was acquitted in the beating of Afghan detainee who later died, another soldier accused of the same charge was set to go to trial.

Sgt. Darin Broady, a member of the Cincinnati-based 377th Military Police Company, has been accused of hitting and kicking a shackled detainee known as Habibullah and then lying about it.

A fellow reservist, Sgt. Keri Patterson, says she saw Broady use knee strikes, known as common peroneal strikes, on Habibullah and give him "a kind of kung-fu kick" to the abdomen.

Patterson has said she is positive that Broady and Sgt. Christopher W. Greatorex both beat Habibullah, who died at a detention center in Bagram, Afghanistan days after being taken into U.S. custody.

No one has been charged with Habibullah's death.