Former Ardmore Students Still Suspended Over Hair

9-9-05 - The principal of the school that suspended two boys because of the long hair styles their mother says is part of their culture has refused to let the boys back on campus.

Rodney, 14, and Skyler Burns, 12, who have American Indian ancestry, were placed on in-campus suspension at Resaca Middle School because their hair length violated the school's dress code.

Their mother, Deborah Burns, has said that the boys' grandfather was a member of the Chickasaw tribe and their hairstyle represents the family's culture.

Principal Stephen Rosales denied her request, saying in a letter that evidence from the Chickasaw Nation Web site showed no requirement of children to "wear their hair long in multiple corn rolls."

Burns said she will take the appeal to the next level, a meeting with the Los Fresnos school superintendent and a hearing officer. The next step would be to appeal to the school board.

Meanwhile, Burns is home-schooling the boys.