Family Pickets Body Shop

11-4-05 - Family and friends of a Sherman woman who died in a car accident protested outside an auto shop this morning.

Picketers lined the street around 7:30 a.m. in front of Tom's Auto Body Center and Impound.

The wrecked car was driven by Rebecca Smith when she died in an accident two years ago.

The family says that they have tried to get the shop owner to move the car out of sight. The sight of the car has served as a daily reminder for almost a year.

Tom Hooker says State Farm Insurance is responsible for towing the wreckage, and he has no where else to put the vehicle.

Friday morning, the family's emotions spilled over.

"My daughter was killed in that car and it was a very bad car wreck," Rebecca Smith's mother Donna Harper said. "It stirs up all the emotion and grief every time we have to see the car. It just isn't fair for the children to have to see that car or for me or brother and sister or my grandchildren."

Hooker said that though it will cost him $200 out of his own pocket, he will have the car towed to appease the protesters.