Neighborly Dispute Ends with Gunshot

9-10-05 - One man is in the hospital and another is behind bars after an ongoing feud between neighbors apparently ended with gunshots Saturday afternoon in Bryan County.

Bryan county authorities say the feud has been going on for several days between two men on Lake Ridge Drive in Mead. The believe tempers boiled over around 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

When Deputies arrived, they found 74 year old Alton Prentice at home. There were two guns on his porch. One was a revolver and the other a pump shotgun.

The victim, Charlie Rushing lives down the street. Authorities believe he was in Prentice's driveway when he was shot. Deputies believe there could have been as many as four shots fired, but they are still looking for evidence.

The only witnesses were the two men involved and Prentice is in custoday.

The victim was rushed to the hospital, but he is expected to recover.