Nurses Needed for Evacuees

9-12-05 - Here in Texoma, the Red Cross is stretched to the max caring for more than 180 evacuees in Grayson and Cooke Counties alone. Currently, they are running short on manpower and are in desperate need of nurses.

For the last two weeks 34 volunteer nurses have been taking care of evacuees in shelters in Bonham and Gainesville. Those numbers are dwindling quickly.

Retired nurse Donna Winters spends most of her day away from the shelters manning the phones. She spent six hours on the phone Sunday and got only two volunteers.

The problem the Red Cross is facing now is that most of the available nurses are simply worn out. They have families and jobs to return to, but in Bonham, there are still 97 people housed in the old National Guard Armory. These people continue to need medication and medical treatment.

"We have a small handful of people, but we need RNs, LVNs, could be a nurse, used to be a nurse, we need any of them," Red Cross volunteer and registered nurse Brandy Wilson said.

"We need some new life, they're tired, they have families, full-time jobs, so I guess we're making an appeal for more help," Winters said.

Some of the nurses told KXII on Monday that even the evacuees with medical training are now pitching in to help.

If you are able to help, call the Red Cross at 903-465-1330 or 903-583-5919.