Old Tires Cause Neighborhood Nuisance

11-8-05 - They have sat scattered about, untouched for almost a year. Hundreds or tires in front of an abandoned tire shop are starting to wear on neighbors. And they make a nice home for some uninvited guests.

The tires aren't only an eyesore, but some residents worry they are a health hazard, especially after it rains. The mosquitoes come in, and other critters usually follow.

But there's little that can be done. The shop's owner Rodney Owens moved his shop to Denison last year and says he's in the process of transporting the tires, although by law, he's not obligated to. Oklahoma law says although residents are allowed only 50 tires on their property, tire retailers, manufacturers and dealers get special treatment and can legally store 2500.

But regardless of the law, Owens says the complaints don't make sense. Which is why Owens, a member of a committee trying to get Cartwright incorporated, thinks the complaints may be some old fashioned mud-slinging.

The department of environmental quality says they don't have the authority to tell Owens to move the tires for health reasons. Since Cartwright is unincorporated, it's up to Bryan County to make that call. Owens says so far, he has not heard from them.