Suspicious Package Detonated

11-9-05 - A suspicious package was blown up by bomb squad agents in Pottsboro today. The scare began early Wednesday afternoon outside a local grocery store.

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday, an off-duty postal worker was coming to shop, and as she was walking into the store, she spotted a small unmarked package wrapped in brown paper sitting on top of a newspaper stand.

Not taking any chances, she told the manager, and he called police. The parking lot was cleared and blocked off until members of the Denton Bomb Squad arrived about an hour and a half later.

They used a water round to detonate the package, and it turned out that this suspicious package was a pack of compact disks.

"Everything is safe, it's just today with so much stuff going on, we can't take a chance with this type of circumstance," Pottsboro Police Lt. Frank Deater said. "We wanted to air on the side of caution to make sure everybody was safe."

The high school across the street and elementary school around the corner were notified, but Police didn't feel they were in danger.