Local Animal Rescuers Ready to Go Back

9-14-05 - Part of a local horse rescue group has just returned from New Orleans where they have been rescuing abandoned animals.

Paula Johnson with Habitat for Horses and Lone Star Equine Rescue, worked around the clock for six days saving animals that owners couldn't take when they fled Katrina.

The team turned out to be the only animal rescures in the area, and they saved 300 horses and thousands of pets. Texoma did their part to help by donating supplies for the trip.

"They were incredible. My truck was stacked 4-deep and we had to tie it up to get all the supplies there, but when i got there, no one else had brought in supplies yet," Johnson said. "We had to go out monday night and we were able to with your help."

Even after a sucessful trip, their needs aren't over. Habitat for Horses will return to New Orelans this weekend, to continue the rescues, and help take care of the animals being kept in a Louisiana expo center. They need donations of hay and wood shavings for horse bedding.

If you would like to help, you can go to www.lser.org.