Katrina May Keep Family From Funeral

9-15-05 - Hurricane Katrina may leave Alma Morrow with few relatives at her funeral.

The 78-year-old New Orleans resident was the matriarch of a several dozen-member family. But at least 20 of them are still in San Antonio shelters and one is in a Houston shelter.

Their lives were wrapped around her and her beloved church, Christian Union Baptist Church, they said. But with no money and a host of pressing needs to take care of, they don't foresee being able to attend her funeral Saturday morning in Dallas.

"She gave her heart to everybody," said Ynetha Evans, a niece and hurricane victim staying at a San Antonio shelter along with 19 relatives.

The death toll from the hurricane itself stood at 658, with 474 in Louisiana and 217 in Mississippi, 14 in Florida and two each in Alabama and Georgia -- all states that bore the brunt of Katrina's wind and rain.