Frustration over Kids Football Games

11-12-05 – Some kids and parents are upset over what’s being described as a tough season for the Denison Boys and Girls Club.

Players huddled, Saturday, for the final game of the football season at the Boys and Girls Club football super bowl – held at Munson Stadium in Denison.

However, some parents say the fun and games aren’t always fair. Natisha Robison says her son plays for the Eagles team. She says the kids are getting kicked and punched when the referees aren’t looking.

Parents and coaches from the Freshman Eagles team say their 6 and 7-year-old players are getting roughed up.

The pee-wee league doesn’t require qualifications for referees and until the middle of September, volunteers acted as officials.

The Salvation Army-sponsored league remedied the situation by hiring certified refs from the Dallas Football Officials Association.

The Boys and Girls Club director in Denison says the new referees are helping because they have more authority. Still, parents say it’s not enough and some we talked to say the kids are still playing too rough.

Officials say they are working on enhancing the training for volunteers for next season’s games.