Rare Cat Spotted Near Lake Texoma

11-15-05 - Imagine waking up to find a mountain lion in your front yard. That's exactly what happened to one man in Little City, Oklahoma, on Monday. But instead of running off, the cat decided to stick around which is unusual for those parts.

Kathy Germany hasn't owned Tex's Corner for very long, but she's been around the rural area of Marshall County long enough to hear the cries and see their speed. She says if you're lucky enough to spot one, it's not for very long.

"Several years ago we were fishing, and one just flew over our head jumping from creek bank to creek," Tex's Corner Owner Kathy German said. "Down here, they're mostly larger and tan colored. People think they're black, but they're not."

Unless you were on Lake Avenue Road Monday morning near Bridgeview Resort. A mountain lion decided to camp out for about an hour in a front yard. Marshall County OHP and even Oklahoma Wildlife Officers showed up to try and catch a glimpse, but only one Deputy got a peek.

Zack Porterfield lives across the street, and he has never actually seen a mountain lion out here but is anxiously waiting for his turn.

"They're out here, and hopefully I'd like to see one now that everybody's talking about it," resident Zack Porterfield said.

While it will be the talk of the neighborhood for a little while, everyone else will be keeping their eyes peeled. Locals say there are mountain lions out there, but it's very unusual to catch more than a glimpse of one.

They feed off wild feral hogs, rabbits and other small animals, and they have not been a threat to people yet.