Flu Shots Available

10-4-05 – Flu Season is right around the corner, but vaccinations are available in some parts of Texoma now, and local doctors say there is no reason to wait to get that shot.

The good news from the Grayson County Health Department is they don’t expect shortages like last year. While the ones who need the flu vaccination the most are at-risk groups like the elderly, the very young, and the sick, it is just as important for the people in daily contact with the at-risk to get a shot.

“Young, healthy people aren't going to be as sick as elderly or very young but they are just as contagious, and you're contagious before you really realize you have influenza,” says Dr. Carolyn Fruthaler, the Director of the Grayson County Health Department.

Only limited doses of the vaccine are available for hi-risk children until November, making it even more important for health family members to be vaccinated.

“No matter how old you are or what kind of good health you are in, influenza is a miserable disease. It will keep you in bed, three to four days, maybe longer, and it may be weeks before you get your strength back,” says Dr. Fruthaler.

Click on the KXII Community Home Page to find a list of locations and times for flu shot vaccinations throughout Texoma.