Auto Shop Explosion in Sherman

10-6-05 - An employee of Ellis Truck and Auto is at Parkland Hospital in Dallas after a massive explosion in the Sherman shop just before noon.

The victim, identified as Jimmy Cookston of Sherman, is a welder who was working on a garage door when a spark caught a nearby oil barrel in the shop on fire.

That caused a powerful explosion knocking Cookston off of his forklift and even burning the shirt off his back.

Five employees and six customers were in the building when the explosion went off. They called 911 and a medical helicopter rushed Cookston to the hospital.

One other employee suffered minor burns, and he was taken to Wilson N. Jones and is expected to be ok.

Only one corner of the shop was damaged as firefighters contained the blaze quickly before it could overtake the entire building.

Ellis Truck and Auto remains open, and no cars in the shop were damaged in the fire.