Congressman Hall Talks About Miers Nomination

10-7-05 - Congressman Ralph Hall released this statement on the nomination of Harriet Miers to be a justice of the Supreme Court.

"I have known Harriet Miers for many years and have sought advice and information from her as recently as the past thirty days through her position as Counsel at the White House. I have always found her to render the very highest type and degree of service to our President and to our Nation, and I believe that she has overall the capabilities of carrying out the duties of a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

"Many of our statutes, both criminal and civil, have stood the test of time and can be traced back to Biblical times. For example, our laws of parole and probation are based on the Biblical principle of the doctrine of a second chance. It is my belief that Harriet Miers is capable of interpreting any act, if not based on some courtroom experience, at least tempered by her knowledge of our laws, including Federal, State and Biblical.

"There are exceptional Americans - with no legal background nor judicial experience - who have not presided over any court of record and who could successfully and honorably serve as a member of the United States Supreme Court. Harriet Miers is one who could."