Police Beating Caught on Tape

10-9-05 - Three New Orleans police officers are facing charges, after a violent arrest and a confrontation with a journalist outside a bar last night.

The episode was captured on videotape. It shows at least one police officer repeatedly punching a 64 year old man who was accused of public intoxication. Another officer is then seen assaulting a producer for Associated Press Television News.

A police spokesman says there will be a criminal investigation. He says three officers will be suspended, arrested, and charged with simple battery. Captain Marlon Defillo describes the tape as "troubling."

On the tape, the suspect appears to be resisting, as an officer hits him at least four times in the head. Another officer then strikes the man with his knee, and punches him twice. The suspect, Robert Davis, was face-down on the sidewalk, with blood streaming down his arm.

Meanwhile, an officer ordered APTN producer Rich Matthews and
the cameraman to stop recording. When Matthews held up his
credentials, the officer grabbed him, leaned him backward over a
car, and jabbed him in the stomach. The officer unleashed a tirade
filled with profanities, and told the reporter to "go home."