Cheerleader Car Accident - What Happened?

10-27-05 - There is new information in the deadly accident that happened moments before a Dickson football game last month.

Since cheerleader Jordan Page was killed on Highway 1-77, the questions were how and why?

Dickson police just got the accident reconstruction papers back from highway patrol. They show that Jordan crossed over into the opposite lane so far that her car actually drove on the opposite shoulder.

The oncoming pickup swerved into her lane to miss her, but Jordan moved back into her lane at the last moment and hit the pickup almost head-on.

But the question still unanswered is “why?” The accident report shows alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. For now, police are still waiting on a toxicology report out of Oklahoma City.

Five other people were injured in the other vehicle including three small children. They've since been recovering in Mercy Memorial and in Oklahoma City.