Sex Offender Concern on Halloween

10-31-05 - It's Halloween night in Texoma, but there is an increased concern over sex offenders. KXII investigates how local law enforcement is protecting your children.

Events like the Halloween Fright Fest are usually a good idea. A sponsored event by the Sherman Police where kids at Fairview Park get a chance to trick-or-treat in a supervised environment.

But if your child is going door to door, how can you make sure predators aren't among those handing out candy?

A handful of counties in Texas are rounding up some registered sex offenders on Halloween night. Parker County in north Texas is having offenders report to police between the hours of six and ten, but in Texoma, authorities do not have special programs in place to monitor those convicted of sex crimes.

In Durant, it is an issue of manpower. While police say it can be a good idea, they just don't have enough officers to track down offenders on Halloween night.

"I don't have a particular task force that goes out," Greg Pollack of the Durant Police Dept said. "Obviously manpower - it's be great if I did have - could assign one or two people - but you just can't do that."

Instead, local authorities have focused their efforts on promoting events like Fright Fest in Sherman where kids will be in a safe area while they trick-or-treat.

The Texas Attorney General is reminding child sex offenders that they cannot participate in activities that could put them in contact with children.