Teen Club Opens Amid Neighbor's Complaints

11-2-05 - Keeping trees out of trouble can be difficult, but a Cartwright man has spent lots of money in a venture that gives teenagers a safe place to go even if it is ruffling a few neighborhood feathers.

A teenager in Southern Bryan County and Northern Grayson County doesn't have very many options for social hangouts. It's a problem that Chris House new well growing up in Texoma.

It's part of the reason he has spent over $70,000 to purchase a building in the middle of an otherwise quiet neighborhood and turned it into a place for food, fun, music and dancing.

The Library Teen Club is what he calls it, and it kicked off on Saturday with about a dozen teenagers showing up to watch a local band hit the stage.

Owner Chris House expects more and more teens as word spreads. He said he is just trying to give teenagers a place to go and have fun without any political or religious affiliation.

The sounds of guitars can now be heard from the old tire shop that sits in the middle of a tranquil neighborhood and that obviously is causing a stir with locals who have already made complaints. The Sheriff's Department received ten complaints about the club, and that was just during sound check.

Cartwright is not incorporated, which means no zoning laws allowing bands to play as loud as they want. House said he does try to keep his fellow neighbors in mind, but the club is a safe alternative for the kids.

"If they are here, they are safe," Library Teen Club owner Chris House said. "We are keeping the drugs out and the alcohol out."

The Library Teen Club is open four days a week with live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and no alcohol is allowed at all.