Street Sign Theft Prompts Reward

11-3-05 - Street signs are disappearing in Murray County, but commissioners hope a reward will finally stop the criminals.

Over the past three months over 80 street signs have been stolen in the county and in Sulphur, many of those happening just this past week.

The Sheriff's Department recovered 20 of those signs yesterday from ditches, creeks and yards. Each sign costs $100 to replace, but commissioners are considering a $500 reward to catch the thieves.

Bill Lance, Murray County Commissioner, said, "The reason for the reward is to stop this from going on, and if it does then we may have saved someone's life, and the reward may be a matter of life and death.”

The Murray County sheriff believes kids may be to blame, so along with the reward the commissioners are also looking at starting a program in the schools to educate students about how much pranks cost the community.