Fire Destroys Popular Restaurant

11-3-05 - Fire hit a small southern Oklahoma community for the second time in just months, destroying a popular restaurant.

The Catfish Kitchen in Doughtery has been a favorite eating place for bikers and southern Oklahomans for years, but that is no longer the case.

Fire gutted the building last night around 1:30. The Doughtery Volunteer Fire Department had to get help from Sulphur and Davis Fire Departments, but the fire had already spread to the attic and roof.

This is the second major fire in Doughtery over the past four months. The small town just held a construction ceremony for a century-old building that burned in July.

Chief John Hale with the Dougherty Volunteer Fire Department said, "There's very few businesses down here, and to lose another business will have an impact on the town."

The Oklahoma fire marshal ruled the fire accidental. Although he doesn't know exactly how it started, the fire began in the dining room.