Another Construction Site Burglary

11-9-05 - Signs of growth in Ardmore are becoming advertisements for thieves as Police are working more than a dozen burglary cases at construction sites.

The latest victim was a Car-Mart Construction site. Thieves made off with power tools, and it is just one of 15 separate burglary sites making it the most Ardmore has ever had at one time.

Even a day later, Clifton Ballew is still having to replace tools taken from his construction site over the weekend.

"I makes me feel very angry that people out on the streets would do something like this," Car-Mart Construction Site Superintendent Clifton Ballew.

His trailer was sitting on the construction site Friday night, but by Monday morning,it was gone along with $6,000 worth of tools. It was the same story a few weeks ago at the Stone Creek Construction site. They had lumber, nails, and landscaping materials taken too.

"When you have to shut down your job site because you have nothing to work with and your wasting money, yeah it does hurt," Ballew said. "It's kind of surprising you don't expect it to happen in a small town, only in a big city."

But as this small town keeps growing, Police say so will thefts, and the only way to stop it is to make sure the thieves can't make off with the loot.

"Take your construction trailer home at night or disable it so that it can't be moved or stolen," Ardmore Police Department Captain Leroy Johnson said. "If there is a way for somebody to, they are going to steal the items."

Ballew is looking into security cameras, but for now, his main focus is to continue replacing the tools that were stolen and getting the job done.

So far Police haven't found any of the trailers stolen over the past few months, but they have recovered some tools at pawn shops around town.

Ardmore Police say many of the thieves are stealing the construction materials to start up their own companies perhaps to work in the hurricane ravaged Gulf Coast.